20M leads a month

Some back of the envelope calculations.

20M “opt-in” leads a month is roughly 650,000 leads a day.

650,000 leads a day is roughly 27,000 leads an hour.

27,000 leads an hour is 450 leads a minute.

450 leads per minute is one lead every 133 milliseconds.

The total population of the US is roughly 300,000,000 people.

Roughly 240,000,000 Americans have used email at least once.

20M leads a month is every American with an email account in the course of one year.

Does 20M leads a month really sound realistic?


  1. Huey says

    Sure, it sounds realistic, if you define ‘lead’ as ‘has an email address’, and don’t mind a bunch of undeliverables.

  2. Jared Kimball says

    Why are email marketers so ignorant? All they see are high numbers and they think it equals dollar signs. When the truth is it means “unsolicited” marketing and the ISP’s are gonna block them! You make a great point keep it up.

  3. John Levine says

    It has to be realistic. It says so right here in my business plan.


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