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I’m currently being inundated at multiple address with spam advertising spamming services. Most of these notices have the subject line: IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION. The text includes:

E-mail newsletters, opt-in e-mail campaigns, e-zines, and other forms of responsible e-mail marketing are the norm for larger Internet businesses – why not yours?
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We can help you learn how to initiate a responsible mass e-mail campaign. With our inhouse dedicated SMTP Servers and mailing lists, you will have all the tools that you need.
If you’re not reaching existing and potential customers or members with your e-mail marketing message, you can be assured that your competition will be.

OK Mr. Spammer. Whatever you say. See, the problem is that you’re breaking the law. You have no valid contact information in your mail. You have no valid opt-out. You’re sending through what appears to be an open proxy. In short, your mail is in complete violation of CAN SPAM.
Anyone out there looking for information on Lifestyle Solutions of Franktown, Colorado ((303) 688-5774) and (888) 313-2220) be sure you know they are spammers and, judging by the other stuff they’re doing, scammers as well. Don’t trust them to advertise by email for you, find someone who not only knows the law but follows it as well.

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