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Taking permission

Permission is always a hot topic in email marketing. Permission is key! the experts tell us. Get permission to send email! the ISPs tell us. Marketers have responded by setting up processes to “get” permission from recipients before adding them to mailing lists. They point to their privacy polices and signup forms and say “Look! […]


Are you still thinking of purchasing a mailing list?

Last week there was an article published by btobonline promoting the services of a company called Netprospex. Netprospex, as you can probably gather from their company name, is all about the buying and selling of mailing lists. They will sell anyone a list of prospects. The overall theme of the article is that there is […]


Watch those role accounts

Ben at Mailchimp has a post up explaining what role accounts are and why mailing to them can be a problem. role addresses are built for functions, not people… If you read down in the comments you will see that they talk about how some people do use role accounts for their subscriptions. Small businesses […]

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RPost and Goodmail settle lawsuit

Last September, I blogged about RPost suing Goodmail for patent infringement. Today the two companies announced they’ve reached a settlement and have forged a partnership. Goodmail will be offering RPost’s technology as an upgrade to customers and replacing their own “proof of delivery” technology with RPost’s legal service technology. “We carefully reviewed RPost’s patented technology,” […]

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Integrating your email channel

I saw a nicely done example of integrating email into other marketing channels over the weekend. I was helping a friend pick out a receiver and speakers for their home theatre system on Saturday afternoon. As we were chatting over IRC there was a lot of pasting URLs back and forth, as we tried to […]

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A little light post for a friday after MAAWG

10 signs you might have a deliverability issue

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A sure fire business model for senders and ESPs

For companies who are sending mail on their own behalf Create and send a message that recipients look forward to receiving Send that mail technically correctly, such that it causes no problems at the recipients ISP For ESPs, sending mail on behalf of others Find (or develop) a customer base who create and send messages […]

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Truths and myths about email

Seven myths and two truths about email My favorite: [myth] Engagement is the new reputation. Actually, reputation metrics have always been about engagement, which is what complaint data and sender reputation reflect. Yes. This. Reputation, permission, all of those things are a way to quantify one simple fact: Do recipients want this mail from this […]

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News from MAAWG

During MAAWG a number of companies in the email space announce new initiatives, mergers, products and the like. This MAAWG is no different. Spammers adjust to security trends. This is not really news, spammers have been adjusting to new security measures since folks started blocking from: addresses back in ’95 and ’96. The tactics are […]

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Microsoft delivery partnerships

Last week John Scarrow from Microsoft made a public statement on about Microsoft’s approach to using available products in the email industry. […] before committing to a certain technology or provider we conduct rigorous testing and pilot programs to ensure that our internal standards are met. Until that bar is met, we have no […]

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