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Over the years I’ve picked up a lot of useful and relevant information about email delivery. I’ve shared a lot of information here on the blog, and while that’s great, a blog is not a great format for a reference. The ISP information page was an initial pass at creating a reference. I realized that just linking to the ISP provided information didn’t communicate very much about how to deliver email even to those ISPs that were explicitly mentioned.
Enter the Word to the Wise Delivery Wiki to fill the need for a publicly accessible reference on email delivery. The cornerstone of the site is the ISP Information page. This page contains summary information about a number of ISPs, including known connection and sending limits. Each ISP mentioned on that page also has a individual page with more detailed information on delivering to that ISP. The information is as accurate as I could make it, and in many cases have been reviewed by representatives of the ISPs.
I welcome contributions from the general community. I will also be continuing to add content. My goal is to have a community resource for people handling email and delivery issues.

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