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  • They do allow comments, but won’t post them until they’ve been “approved”… too bad they’ll never do that, because I’d love to see those 17 comments!
    Anyway, I encourage anyone who’s been affected by this to contact to the owner of the mailing list they’re on, describe what happened, and tell them that if they don’t switch from iContact, they should unsubscribe you. No one should trust iContact anymore. Look at http://community.icontact.com/lobby – they can’t even keep spam off of their own forums.
    I’m curious whether they were hacked by someone outside the company, or if it was an inside job – their blog posting is very short on details (gee, what a surprise). They did just partner with Goodmail recently; maybe someone was let go, and decided to take a copy of the database as a souvenir. But either way, it demonstrates their total incompetance. And I like how they keep posting blog entries about the “inclement weather”, just to move that post off of the main page.

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