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Last week John Scarrow from Microsoft made a public statement on about Microsoft’s approach to using available products in the email industry.

[…] before committing to a certain technology or provider we conduct rigorous testing and pilot programs to ensure that our internal standards are met. Until that bar is met, we have no partnership announcements to make.
[…] Hotmail might introduce UI elements or badges intended to imply sender quality – these will be applied very selectively based on the quality and security of the mail. Any such badge will be generic and not specific to any single industry partner.

Recent events caused me to contact one of the folks I know at Hotmail about their current plans for supporting certification services. The response was just “we have nothing to announce at this time.” A few days later, John’s statement came out.
I don’t foresee major changes at Hotmail any time in the near future.
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  • Bright orange jacket? How’s your Elmer Fudd impersonation?

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