RPost and Goodmail settle lawsuit


Last September, I blogged about RPost suing Goodmail for patent infringement. Today the two companies announced they’ve reached a settlement and have forged a partnership. Goodmail will be offering RPost’s technology as an upgrade to customers and replacing their own “proof of delivery” technology with RPost’s legal service technology.

“We carefully reviewed RPost’s patented technology,” said Daniel Dreymann, President and co-founder of Goodmail Systems, Inc.  “We decided that we could build the strongest product offering for these compliance products by partnering with them.”
“The combined product allows both RPost and Goodmail to do what they do best,” said Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost.  “Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail protects the recipients of email by letting them know that the message comes from a trusted sender. RPost’s Registered Email service protects email senders by allowing them to prove that their message was delivered and what it said.”

Last week, RPost announced a partnership with ReturnPath to offer proof of delivery certification into the ReturnPath product line as well.

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