BLOG and the courts

I’ve seen multiple reports of and their interactions on various sides of the courtroom aisle.
On the good side, won a judgment against a spammer sending spam to users. (Tagged has a post on their blog about the win, but the direct link to that article doesn’t work).
On the minus side, yet another ruling against They’ve been accused of sending spam, including some mail that looks like a phish. They recently settled in a CA court, agreeing to dispose of certain addresses collected during a 3 month period in 2009.

Tagged promised that it will destroy address book information that was scraped from users who joined the site between April and June, if those users either didn’t send any invitations to their contacts or invited all of their contacts to join the site. The company did not admit wrongdoing as part of the settlement.

Their victory against the spammer might be more compelling if they, themselves, were not repeatedly ending up at the defense table for customer unfriendly practices.


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