TWSD: Using FOIA requests for email addresses

Mickey has a good summary of what’s going on in Maine where the courts forced the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to sell the email addresses of license purchasers to a commercial company.
There isn’t permission associated with this and the commercial company has no pretense that the recipients want to receive mail from them. This is a bad idea and a bad way to get email addresses and is no better than spammers scraping addresses from every website mentioning “fishing” or “hunting.”


  1. pgl says

    You really should explain what TWSD stands for! (I did figure it out once a while back by searching for a post where it was either explained, or first used… but I can’t remember where that is and right now can’t be arsed to go find it again.) Put it on the wiki or something?

    1. laura says

      TWSD: That’s what spammers do.
      But I can put it on the wiki, yes.


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