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I’m working on a few projects designed to help provide mentoring for other delivery people and to bridge the communication gap between the various groups active in email. One of those projects is collecting, linking to, and publishing more delivery resources. Some will be linked to directly from the blog, others will be linked to from the wiki. While I’m reasonably familiar with what’s out there, it is impossible for me to know about all the useful resources available. So I ask you readers:

  • What are your favorite delivery resources?
  • What are your most used delivery resources?
  • What types of things would you like to be available but haven’t found?
  • What resources do you make available and would like included?

Speaking of the wiki, we had an invasion by a bunch of botnets putting up garbage spam links. We tried a few things to stop it, but the only thing that worked was prohibiting anonymous editing. I am still looking at other measures (and if anyone out there has dealt with this before and has some ideas, I’m all ears) but for right now you have to register and be confirmed before you can edit anything. Blame the spammers (I do).
Please list your resources or helpful links in the comments and I’ll pull them together and put them up for everyone to share.

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