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Two blog posts came out today interviewing big players in the email and delivery arena.
Over on the Unica blog, Len Shnyeder interviews Annalivia Ford who is a new member of their email operations team. She has had many years of experience in dealing with senders from the receiver position. She summarizes successful delivery as follows:

the bottom line really is simple, if not easy: to succeed, marketers must send timely, relevant and desired email to an engaged audience. I promise that spammers are not doing that.

Scott Cohen continues his email snob interview series by interviewing Al Iverson. The whole interview is worth a read, as Al has been around a long time and has been deep in the trenches on both sides of the delivery equation. Al sums up the essentials of email delivery in two short paragraphs.

If you want to stay in the inbox forever, your practices have to keep getting better. The ISPs stack rank everybody sending them marketing email, and knock the bottom senders out. Eventually, you’ll be that bottom sender; don’t wait for them to get to you. Keep improving!
I get upset when people ask me how close to the line they can be before they will be in trouble. If that’s the question they’re asking, they’re thinking about it wrong. Instead, they need to think about how to embody best practices in a way that obviates the need for periodic remediation. Walk the right path and you’re not going to have to pause periodically because you got blocked due to complaints.

Both interviews have good information and are a must read for any email marketers.

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