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A good inbox experience

One of the reasons so much email is filtered at the ISPs is that they want users to have a good inbox experience. Earlier this week Yahoo announced they were providing users with the ability to collapse certain ads while reading email. To give you more real estate to read your emails, we are adding […]


State of the Industry

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a series of posts on the blog from various authors who are active in the email space. I posted A very young industry commenting on the lack of experience among email marketers. I think that some of the conflict between ISPs and ESPs and receivers and marketers can […]

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You must be present to win

Guest post by Phil Schott I often have the pleasure of putting my four year-old son to bed at night and I’m usually exhausted afterward. It’s a never-ending string of questions and admonishments that goes something like this, “Daddy, is it a stay-at-home day tomorrow? “No, Joe, tomorrow is a go-to-school day, it’s Tuesday. Joe, […]


Delivery and compliance jobs

Al is posting a list of delivery, anti-spam and compliance jobs over on Spam Resource. If you’re in the market, go check them out.

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Troubleshooting email delivery

Mark Brownlow has a post up explaining how he discovered some problems with delivery at Gmail by digging deeper into his statistics. Mark goes through his thought process including his initial conjecture on what might be causing the problems and then how he looked at the data to see if his supposition fit the data. […]

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Which is better UTF-8 or ISO-?

Someone asked today on a mailing list whether they should be using UTF-8 or “ISO” encoding for sending email. What’s the best choice depends on some of the details of the situation, but here’s the answer I gave: UTF-8 will work for pretty much anything, as it’s just an 8 bit encoding scheme for Unicode […]


Standardizing email metrics

Slogging towards e-mail metrics standardization a report by Direct Mag on the efforts of the Email Experience Council to standardize definitions related to email marketing.

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Transitioning Yahoo bound email from Goodmail certification

In early February Yahoo announced they were no longer offering preferred delivery to Goodmail customers. By the end of March, Yahoo will have decommissioned the Goodmail specific mail handling servers. What does this mean for Goodmail customers who have no history of mail to the normal Yahoo mail exchanges? Will they have to go through […]


Yahoo decomissioning Goodmail MXs

Yahoo announced today that they would be decommissioning the Goodmail specific MX machines as of March 24. Goodmail customers should talk to Goodmail about necessary transition issues. On Yahoo’s end, my understanding is that they are working to make the transition as painless as possible for the customers of Goodmail. This seems to be the […]

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Improving the email interface

Want an improved email interface? Then build it. There’s been an ongoing discussion about adding thumbs up / thumbs down style buttons to email clients. While I am dubious this is a useful feature or something that recipients will use, if there are others in the industry that think it would be useful then I […]


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