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Apparently mentioning “affiliate” in a blog post brings out the blog spammers. I’ve had dozens of trackbacks on yesterday’s how to avoid affiliate spam. Oh, the irony.
A bucket of announcements came out over the last week.
The uber smart folks at Mailchimp have a new iPad app called Chimpadeedoo. This app lets merchants collect email addresses at the point of sale, on an iPad sitting next to the register. Given the troubles my clients have run into when trying to collect addresses in their brick and mortars, this is definitely a product whose time has come.
Venkat talks about a few anti-spam cases making their way through California courts and how the courts seem to be siding with the plaintiffs recently.
On the lawsuit front, John Levine posts about losing an anti-spam case due to the Gordon v. Virtumundo case.
ReturnPath and Liveclicker have partnered to bring video to email. I know marketers are all for video in email, but I can’t get excited about it. I read fast and videos always seem to take to long to watch. I don’t have a feel, though, for how much the average email recipient wants video in their mailbox.
Stephanie Miller from ReturnPath has a summary of a talk given by representatives from Hotmail and Yahoo at the Email Insider’s Summit sponsored by Mediapost. Both ISPs emphasized the need for senders to engage their recipients.

priority number one is to make sure that only messages that are welcome and valued by end user subscribers reach the inbox.

The secret to email marketing: send mail people want to receive.

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  • I agree that videos almost always seem to take too long, but they are still the “killer app” at the moment. The video links in our marketing email messages get far-and-away the most click-throughs.

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