Link roundup June 18, 2010


Hotmail has released a new version of their software with some changes. Return Path discusses the changes in depth, but there are a couple that senders may find helpful.

  1. If a user deletes a mail without reading it multiple times, Hotmail asks the user if they want to unsubscribe from the mail.
  2. Users can use a the new “sweep” feature to delete or file multiple emails easily

Finally, Hotmail confirms that mail can be moved from bulk folder to inbox before the user reads it if the reputation of the sender changes.
Facebook is signing mail with DKIM, but using a very weak key that could be cracked easily. Anyone signing with DKIM should use RSA-1024 keys, nothing less. is facing legal action brought by the NY AG’s office for not turning a blind eye to child porn.
Facebook’s COO announces the death of email. News at 11. I’ve been hearing announcements about the death of email since I got my first real .edu account back in ’93 or so and I will believe it when I see it. Given how much email Facebook actually sends, I can’t imagine what they’re thinking here. Facebook is the new Myspace, which is the new Geocities. Social networking may be useful for some things, but somehow I can’t imagine trying to get a customer delisted from Spamhaus by posting on a Facebook wall. Or handling receipts from online purchases or any of the other things that people use email for that don’t involve socializing with friends.

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