My ISP might get blacklisted

The last of seven in our occasional series on why ESPs need, or don’t need, lots of IP addresses to send mail properly.

I need multiple IP addresses in different locations so as to provide redundancy against blacklisting of my ISP

Why this is right
If you think that your email is likely to be blocked due to the reputation of your ISP then having a backup ISP makes some operational sense.
Why this is wrong
It’s just very, very wrong. Why are you, an email sending company, buying service from an ISP you expect to be blacklisted? ARE YOU NUTS? Regardless of how cheap the deal an ISP is offering you, if you think that their reputation is bad enough that you need to do your network engineering around the possibility that they’ll be blacklisted, DON’T BUY SERVICE FROM THEM!

Godzill Facepalm

Don't do this, or you'll make Godzilla facepalm


  1. Bill Silverstein says

    Is not part of the point of blacklisting is that the ISPs that support spam will lose business from legitimate companies?

  2. Eliot says

    Exactly! The more people that choose their ISP based on its “reputation,” the more ISPs will be forced to either be clean or become a cess pool that can be safely excised from the ‘Net.


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