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One of my email addresses at a client got spammed today offering to sell me appending services. I was going to post the email here and point out all of the problems in how he was advertising it, including violating CAN SPAM.
As I often do, I plugged his phone number into google, only to discover that my blog post from March about this spammer was the 2nd hit for that number. Well, go me.
I can report nothing has changed. He’s still violating CAN SPAM. He’s still claiming I have no right to post, share, spindle, mutilate or fold his spam. Well, in the interest in something, I thought I’d share the whole post this time. Just to warn folks from attempting to purchase services from (nice website, by the way).

From: David Williams <>
Subject: Targeted Email Lists
Date: July 8, 2010 11:17:36 AM PDT
Hi Laura,
Would you like to reach your specific target audience in a cost effective, hassle free way? Have you grown tired of dialing the phone only to get another voicemail, an aggressive gatekeeper or “can you call back in 10 minutes” only to find they’re gone for the day? We make it easy to reach your specific target audience, whether you need to reach sales and marketing executives, CEO’s, director’s of HR or anyone in between.
Also, we offer email append services. If you use an in-house database but it does not include emails or the emails are out of date, we will append the emails in less than 1 weeks time. Out of site is out of mind, never let your client’s lose sight of you. To know how it works we offer email append test at no cost, so send us 50 to 100 contacts with just contact & company names in a spread sheet and we will provide the emails within 24 hours.
Reach out to hundreds of thousands of contacts with our ready to use email list or we can custom build a list based on your specific requirements. Our lists include contact name, title and email address, plus company name, postal address, phone, fax, SIC code, NAICS, employees, revenue and more. Let me know your specific target audience and a few free samples will be sent for your review.
Our objective is to help you to reach your target audience more effectively and economically. Let me know if you or someone else in your organization is responsible for such a decision.Your time and effort in referring me to someone will be appreciated.
Warm Regards,
David Williams
Lead Generation Specialist
Phone: +1 800-961-5127
NOTE: If you feel you have received this message by accident, or if you want to be deleted from further communications from me, please reply in the subject remove or opt-out.
This communication (including any attachments) may contain legally privileged and confidential information and is intended for a specific individual and purpose. If you are not the intended recipient, disclosing, copying, distributing, or taking any action based on this message is strictly prohibited.

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