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Justin Coffey commented on my check your assumptions post pointing out his data on opens related to ISPs. He says:

I can say that users at webmail are easily as likely to click on a message that they have opened than users at pay-for ISPs.

Who else collects data on opens per ISP? And Monkeys, I’m looking at you, I know you have this data.

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  • Oof. Immortalized on the internets with bad grammar. Sigh.
    But seriously, I would love to find out what others’ experiences are regarding freemail user activity.

  • From our experience in France, we record discrepancies of up to 30% in terms of click/open rates between ISP and mailbox provider domains.

  • We just had a send go out of significant size which had the following open and click rates:
    * 13% opens, 11% clicks (FBL 0.12%)
    * 20% opens, 15% clicks
    * 19% opens, 13% clicks (FBL 0.23%)
    * Campaign Average: 17% opens, 13% clicks
    So, give or take, Hotmail and Yahoo performed about the same as orange. We see this pattern repeated quite frequently.

  • Arg… just to be clear, in reference to my previous post, we see that clicks as a percentage of opens are relatively similar, and frequently superior at webmail providers (eg hotmail, yahoo, gmail) to those from pay-for French ISPs such as Orange, Free and SFR.
    That’s what I meant by “give or take, hotmail and yahoo performed about the same as orange.”
    (PS Hi Guillaume!)

  • Barry has a good point: open rates are unreliable–however they are /relatively/ accurate, especially from the same service provider. This is why email marketers continue to rely on this statistic.

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