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Lycos has had some ongoing problems this week. Their alert on the issue says:

Some Lycos Mail users may be experiencing poor performance of their email service, including slow loading times while viewing or responding to emails and slower than usual mail delivery. The Lycos team is aware of these issues and are working to resolve the problems for all users. […] Additional equipment for Lycos Mail service has arrived and we are rolling it into service for all users. This will continue over the weekend and into next week. You should see improvements soon with your mail.  We are continuing to work hard to get this resolved for all of users and we are very sorry for any problems that you have experience thus far.

A number of delivery monitoring companies are showing slow delivery to Lycos addresses over the past week. It’s likely to take a little longer for this to resolve, but should get better as hardware gets installed.
I became aware of this because one of my clients started getting worried about poor delivery at Lycos. There was a problem, but it had nothing to do with my client’s mail. There isn’t a reputation problem, there isn’t a content problem, the recipient mailserver is just under a bit of strain.

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  • what is going on with Lycos mail November 2015??? No one appears to be able to access their accounts. I myself after 15 years with Lycos, just got an error message at log on out of the blue that my account had been suspended! Why? There is no access point to find out. Are they going bankrupt? That would be sad.

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