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After a 6 month hiatus, Ken Magill has returned to offer his insightful, and somewhat snarky, take on email marketing. You can subscribe at The Magill Report.
Ken is really trying to make this report an example of how to do ad supported email newsletters right. When I subscribed yesterday I received the following welcome message:

Please click here to confirm your subscription to The Magill Report.
What You Can Expect
As part of your subscription, you will receive The Magill Report weekly newsletter each Tuesday and possibly one stand-alone ad or survey on Thursdays.
You will receive no more than two e-mails per week from The Magill Report.
And, no, you can’t opt out of the Thursday e-mails and still get The Magill Report. Those Thursday ads are what will be keeping Magill in vodka martinis and cigars.
What You’ll Get in The Magill Report

  • Fearless reporting on Internet marketing available nowhere else
  • Rare insights from someone with real-world direct-marketing experience
  • Regular reports on studies and surveys relevant to your business
  • Intelligent, brash and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny analysis
  • The real stories behind the PR nonsense regurgitated elsewhere
  • Occasionally, even some juicy gossip (Magill loves gossip)
  • Authoritative, insightful, how-to and reference information related to getting things done
  • The ability to comment and submit content for potential publication
  • Occasional references to Magill’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

He hit all the high points you should in a welcome message. He told me how frequently I’d hear from him and when, he also included information about future content.

Ken has been reporting on the email marketing industry since very early on and always has an interesting perspective on what’s happening. Go sign up!

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