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Sending frequency is an important part of any email campaign. Too little mail and recipients forget about the mail and don’t open it when it does arrive. Too much mail and folks start complaining, like John Cole over at Balloon Juice.

Take the dogs to the park for a half hour, come back, and there are 30 new messages from advocacy groups and campaigns in my email box.
[…] Seriously- is spamming people good politics? I’m usually far more inclined to read emails from people who only email me once or twice a week than idiots who send me 10 breathless emails every day.

Political groups are some of the worst when it comes to well behaved email campaigns. Saturating the airwaves may help win elections but saturating an email inbox may annoy voters. When I was spammed by Bill Jones back in 2002, I went out of my way to vote against him in the primary election. Sure, my one vote didn’t cost him the nomination, but voters are a fickle group.
Over-blasting rarely a good email marketing campaign strategy, and just because the mail is “political” not “marketing” doesn’t change how people react to the annoyance.

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