Reputation monitoring sites

There are a number of sites online that provide public information about reputation of an IP address or domain name.

  1. Sender Score – Provided by Return Path. They collect data from some ISPs and blocklists. Using a proprietary formula, they calculate a sender score running from 1 – 100 for each IP address sending mail to their network. Higher scores means a better reputation. Can be inaccurate for IPs sending very low volumes of email. Some ISPs use Sender Score to feed into their delivery decision engines.
  2. Sender Base – Provided by Ironport / Cisco. They collect publicly available data as well as data from their userbase. Reputation is reported as “good” “poor” or “neutral.” Senderbase scores feed into some ISP delivery decision engines.
  3. AOL reputation – Reports the reputation of IPs as determined by AOL. Uses a scale of “good” “poor” or “neutral”.
  4. RoadRunner blocks – Reports if a particular IP address is currently being blocked from sending mail to Road Runner.
  5. Spamhaus blocks – Reports if an IP is currently listed on any of the Spamhaus lists.
  6. Sendmail Reputation – Reports reputation of an IP address as measured by Sendmail.
  7. Trusted Source – Provided by McAfee.
  8. Commtouch – Provided by Commtouch.
  9. Barracuda Central – Provided by Barracuda, shows what IP addresses or domain names are currently blocked.
  10. SNDS – Provided by Microsoft / Hotmail / Will show IP addresses that are currently blocked by Microsoft.


  1. Udeme says

    Awesome resource, Laura!

  2. Huey says

    Doesn’t Vernon have reputation hooks in the DCC now as well?

  3. pgl says

    Couple more than I have in my bookmarks:

    ReputationAuthority – – provided by WatchGuard. Gives a reputation score along the lines of SenderScore, and offers automated alerts for reputation drops.

    IP Reputation Investigation – – provided by Symantec. Allows lookups by IP to determine whether you have negative reputation according to their databases or not.

    URIBL – Lets you check whether a domain has been included in their URI blacklist.

    LashBack – Lets you check the reputation of an IP as LashBack’s database sees it.

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  6. Francis Turner says

    ThreatSTOP provides a service to block IP addresses that are currently bad based on feeds such as the DShield list, PhishTank, the ZeuS tracker and so on. If you want to see whether a particular IP address is (or has ever been) in our database then go to the “check IP” page on our site
    edited to fix URL typo

  7. Tim says

    This is a great list…and I’m using it regularly. Thank you! Small request…can you hyperlink all the sites instead of providing them in plain text?

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    […] very difficult. A number of tools for checking the reputation of your IP addresses can be found at Word to the Wise. At this volume level email is key to your business and a solid reputation is going to be […]


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