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One Beeelion dollarsFacebook won another round in their court case against a Canadian spammer last week. Their $873,000,000 judgment was upheld by the Quebec Superior court. At today’s exchange rates, the judgment translates to over CDN$1,000,000,000.
In fine spammer style the defendant, Adam Guerbuez, is flouting the judgment and claiming he won’t pay a dime. In fact, he’s already filed bankruptcy and is reported to have transferred a number of assets to family members. From what I’m hearing from some of my Canadian colleagues the courts up there take a very dim view of his behaviour. Like many things that go through the court system, though, it is unlikely that the process will be rapid.
This is one of the largest, if not the largest, fines levied for violations of the CAN SPAM act. I don’t think Facebook will see much, if anything, of the money. But, hey, maybe the Canadian courts will throw this spammer in jail for flouting their ruling.

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  • ” is reported to have transferred a number of assets to family members”.Ya that would be real bright… You forgot to put that I am hiding out in a straw hut in Aruba and that I now use a telephone modem based internet connection since I am now broke….. Seriously if you are going to write such made up babble to spice the story up why stop at that?

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