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One of the strengths of email that instant messaging lacks is asynchronous communication.  With email, you send someone a message and they may or may not respond right away.  Sending somebody an email means that you are not necessarily expecting an instantaneous reply.  In fact, that’s the whole point of not using the phone or instant messaging.  You are not expecting your target recipient to be at your beck and call.

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  • Whereas phone calls are often an intrusion. I really hate phone calls.
    I know people who don’t like email. It’s because they don’t use it right. “I don’t have time”.
    Whereas I emailed a person, several times, no response. I finally called not sure my message had perhaps been blocked as spam. Yes, some people’s spam blocking blocks single, personally typed messages based on likely ridiculous criteria.
    His assistant called me back and calendered an hour phone call in two weeks. Where we could have exchanged 3 or 4 brief emails and I would be done with him. Silly. No wonder his calender is so full, with an hour for a 5 minute issue and we have to wait 2 weeks for it.

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