Apparently emailpocalypse is coming on Monday. That’s when Facebook is going to release their email platform (the one no one knows anything about) and it’s going to DESTROY EMAIL MARKETING AS WE KNOW IT.
Are you ready?
I think my favorite doom and gloom scenario is: Facebook will throw out the book on email deliverability because it will likely be the first mass-user email platform that is whitelist-based. In other words, you will NOT be able to send to a user unless they have given you explicit permission to do so.
THE HORRORS! Marketers are going to have to get PERMISSION TO SEND EMAIL. OH NOES! The SKY! It is falling! Recipients are going to have to actually invite marketers in! They can’t just take permission, they have to be granted it.
Oddly enough, a lot of the folks who are having conniptions are also people who have been preaching permission for years. Really, if they’re already getting explicit permission, then this is no different. It’s just an email platform.
And even if Titan is somehow a total game changer and is going to require explicit permission, it’s not going to destroy email marketing. Everyone who has a facebook account already has another email account. Marketers who can’t get explicit permission to mail to the facebook account can certainly keep sending “permission” email to their other email accounts.

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  • My only real concern is that the over-the-top reaction to this one will make the Ben & Jerry’s dropping email in the UK hyperbole look mild in comparison. All week I may be bombarded by tweets, emails and posts about the coming apocalypse.
    This happens every dang time something new pops up. Isn’t it a good thing that a company who’s COO a few months ago claimed email is dead, is now implementing it’s own email service? I’d say the major initial victim here is FB’s credibility;).
    Are we that paranoid or is it just a case of our ears being too close to the ground? I think it’s the latter with a sprinkling of the former.

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