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If you distill marketing down to its very essence what you find is everyone battling for a targets attention. Everything marketers do is to get “mindshare” or, in normal people terms, attention. The goal is to get people to remember your product over all the other products out there.
Many email marketers seem to think that increasing the frequency of mail is the most successful way to get attention from their recipients. What would happen, then, if every email marketer started sending more email? Would this really get more attention from recipients?
I don’t think so.
Increasing mail frequency is like standing up to see better in a stadium. One person stands up (increases frequency) and that person sees better than they did before. But if everyone stands up (increases frequency), then everyone is back to where they were and everyone is back to not being able to see.

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  • I think a better analogy would be “shouting” rather than “standing”
    One person starts shouting at you, they’re more likely to be heard. If everyone starts shouting not only is no one individual message getting through, but recipients are more likely to throw their hands over their ears and stop listening *at all*
    In other words, ramping up frequency may improve response rates short term but long term it will have the opposite effect and recovery may not be possible.

  • Laura’s right as usual.
    Increasing frequency of mail, even that I have opted in to, has the opposite of the desired effect.
    I have signed up for many email lists, and have one or two messages a month, or even one a week show up. As long as it’s interesting and relevant, no problem. Then had the frequency increase to two per day, and I just clicked stop.
    Now these are not spammers, I opted in. But too much mail is spam anyway you look at it. If I find one message a week worth looking at, no problem. But if the frequency increases so much I don’t have the time, it’s over.
    So they lost me. This has happened a number of times.

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