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I’ve been head down working on a doc for a client and started wondering what the average size of an enforcement team is. This client told me during one of our calls they wanted to be as clean and well respected as another ESP, but was shocked when I told them how large an enforcement and delivery team that ESP maintained.
I know other clients of mine have 6 – 8 people for a very large customer base, and all of them take their job very seriously.
That got me to thinking: what is the average size of a policy and enforcement desk? Does it scale with userbase? Does it scale with the amount of mail you send? Is there a minimum size?
So tell me: how many people are on your policy and enforcement team?

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  • In my experience its always just been me and whoever I report to. But I have yet to work for any of the big ESP’s

  • In my case its just me. One can also say it depends on various factors:
    * the company’s focus/business model,
    * type of enforcement – is it just related to email, anti-abuse, internal, legal, or all of the above?
    * miscellaneous factors.
    Sometimes you may see a large company with just 1 policy enforcer, and a smaller firm with a number of folks, and vice versa.

  • It depends on the size of the company, and how much importance they are willing to place on that area. But for us, since we’re just a small company, it’s just one person.

  • With our ESP it’s just me currently, though we are looking to hire a developer for delivery specifically to see if we can’t introduce some new shiny tools to use.

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