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Email without filters

… or Find the False Positive. Anyone sending a lot of email has complained about spam filters and false positives at some point. But most people haven’t run a mailbox with no spam filters in front of it in recent years, so don’t have much of a feel for what an unfiltered mailbox looks like, […]


Industry Jargon

I have a new laptop, so I’m having to teach the spellchecker some words it doesn’t know. deliverability, unsubscription, MAAWG, DKIM, epending, ESP, smarthost, return-path … There sure are a lot of words in the email business that outsiders might not recognize or understand.


It's Wednesday – do you know where your sales staff are?

I received an email yesterday with the subject “Please confirm your lunch reservation”. It didn’t look like a typical spam subject line, but wasn’t from anywhere I recognized. I take a look. I’ve reserved a seat for you (and up to 2 guests from Word) at your choice of upcoming, complimentary lunch seminars that I […]


Turn it all the way up to 11

I made that joke the other night and most of the folks who heard it didn’t get the reference. It made me feel just a little bit old. Anyhow, Mickey beat me to it and posted much of what I was going to say about Ken Magill’s response to a very small quote from Neil’s […]


Multipart MIME cheat sheet

I’ve had a couple of people ask me about MIME structure recently, especially how you create multipart messages, when you should use them and which variant of multipart you use for different things. (And I’m working on a MIME parser / generator for Abacus at the moment, so it’s all fresh in my mind) So […]

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Guaranteed email delivery

Ben over at Mailchimp has a good post about his response (and his support staff’s more professional and helpful response) to inquires asking if Mailchimp can guarantee an improvement in delivery. I sympathize with Ben, and commend his staff. I often get potential clients asking me if I can guarantee I can get their mail […]

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Evangelizing Permission

Last week the Only Influencers email discussion group tackled this question posed by Ken Magill. How do you gently educate one’s customers or employer to use permission-based marketing? Ken published the responses in his Tuesday newsletter. For a number of reasons I didn’t participate in the conversation, but I’ve been thinking about the question a […]


Permission-ish based marketing

My Mum flew in to visit last week, and over dinner one evening the talk turned to email. We don’t get much spam on Yahoo, mostly because we don’t give our email address out much. The only spam we really get is from <stockbroker website>, and that all goes to the spam folder. We use […]


Spammers and the law

Robert Soloway, one of the people crowned with the title “Spam King”, has been released from jail. He was an extremely prolific spammer, generating over 10 trillion messages over the course of his career. As Mr. Soloway exits jail, another spammer heads to serve his 20 year sentence. Peter Maxson Anyanyueze sent Nigerian 419 spams […]


No false-starts, do-overs, or mulligans for Email

Guest post by Neil Schwartzman Josh Baer, former VP of Datran Media and current CEO of has been floating an idea at the DMA’s Email Experience Council and a few other places, and recently got some traction in Ken Magill’s Magill Report. What Josh is proposing is to create the technical means by which […]


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