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Marketing or spamming?

A friend of mine sent me a copy of an email she received, asking if I’d ever heard of this particular sender. It seems a B2B lead generation company was sending her an email telling her AOL was blocking their mail and they had stopped delivery. All she needed to do was click a link […]

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First spam to Epsilon leaked address

This morning I received the first two spams to the address of mine that was compromised during the Epsilon compromise back in April. Actually, I received two of them. One was the “standard” Adobe phish email. The other was similar but referenced Limewire instead of Adobe. Have you heard the big news? Limewire has shut […]


End of quarter spam

There has been a plethora of big brand companies doing stupid stuff with marketing recently. I can only figure it’s end of quarter and everyone is looking to pump up their numbers as fast as possible. I talked about Millenium hotels sending me with an utterly irrelevant ad earlier this week. @Yahoomail direct message spammed […]


Buying lists

The problem with buying lists is that you never know which consumers are already on your list and you risk spamming current subscribers.

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More security problems

I know a lot of people are putting all their eggs in the 2 factor authentication (2FA) basket as a solution to the recent breaches. Earlier this year, however, RSA had their internal systems breached and unknown data was stolen. Speculation from a lot of sources is that the information stolen from RSA by the […]



As a past guest and/or meeting planner of Millennium Hotels and Resorts we are pleased to share these occasional special offers. If you no longer wish to receive email communications from us, please click the unsubscribe link. Please note that this broadcast is sent from an address which is not monitored. If you have questions […]


Email filters

What makes the best email filter? There isn’t really a single answer to that question. Different people and different organizations have different tolerances for how false positives versus false negatives. For instance, we’re quite sensitive to false positives here, so we run extremely conservative filtering and don’t block very much at the MTA level. Other […]


Further amendment would be futile

Both Microsoft and Yahoo filed their motions to dismiss the Holomaxx first amended complaint (FAC). Each company filed the same set of documents. Motion to dismiss (Microsoft, Yahoo) A comparison of the original complaint and the first amended complaint (Microsoft redline, Yahoo Redline) A request for judicial notice of the MAAWG Abuse Desk Common Practices […]


The wonders of owning a business

We are a small company. We have some contractors that we bring in for projects, but generally everything that gets done here is done by us. Today was heavy lifting day. We started the morning by renting a truck and picking up our two shiny new database servers. Then we headed over to the colo […]

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User education doesn't work

A growing OSX security problem illustrates why user education is not the solution to virus, spam or malware problems. HT: @briankrebs


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