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Steve’s been busy this week working on some new products.
You can see the first at Did Company Leak? This is a neat little hack that looks at social media reports to see if a there are reports of leaks, breaches or hacks and gives you a list of tweets that reference them. And, yes, I did really receive spam to two addresses stolen from iContact customers today.

Screenshot of results
A screenshot showing results of
The other will be announced next week at MAAWG. We are looking for some beta testers, so if you’re interested in trying out our new product drop Steve a line (steve (at) wordtothewise) asking for an account.

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  • Cool tool but i think the logic is off. I haven’t really tested it but looking at the syntax of the query search your going to bring up all kinds of hits when “security” is mentioned even though the company is talking about “We updated our security measures” which has nothing to do with leaks you know? Should be something like “Security AND (compromised OR breached OR.. etc etc)
    Just a thought!

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