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This week I received an email from a vendor we purchased software from 6 months ago. And it was exactly 6 months to the day of our original purchase I received an email basically reminding me of what I purchased and asking me to update my contact information.

Thank you for using Atlassian software and we hope it has been of continuing benefit to your organisation! We wanted to take a moment to confirm the following contact details with you, as it has been a while since you purchased your Atlassian licenses on order AT-210515.
[snip license and contact details] If any of these contact details need to be updated, the technical and billing contacts listed above can do so via
Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to contact us by replying to this email or calling us at the numbers below.
Kitty, The Atlassian Email Robot

Get your questions answered: Atlassian Answers

I’m so pleased to see vendors doing good things. I mean it’s commercial mail from a monitored email address. It reminds me of the software I purchased. It asks if I want to update my contact information.
I’ll be honest, yearly emails are some of the hardest types of emails to send. A lot of things can happen in a year. People can change jobs, businesses change focus, all of which can make a yearly email problematic. This, though, is a low key way to confirm contact information and allow some level of bounce processing before the yearly mails go out. If someone has left a job, there is enough detail in the message that the new employee can update the information.
This is the type of thing I encourage customers to implement in order to head off headaches and problems down the road. I’m glad to see someone actually doing it.

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