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Are you sure you didn't opt in?

Yes, really. I’m sure I didn’t opt-in. I get a lot of spam. I get a lot of spam to addresses that aren’t used to sign up for mail. But it seems inevitable that when I bring up examples of receiving spam I inevitably get asked, “Are you sure you didn’t opt-in?” On one level […]


Holomaxx v. Yahoo and MS: The hearing

I visited Judge Fogel’s courtroom this morning to listen to the oral motions in the Holomaxx cases. This is a general impression, based on my notes. Nothing here is to be taken as direct quotes from any participant. Any errors are solely my own. With that disclaimer in mind, let’s go. The judge is treating […]


TWSD: I can haz ethix marketing

I’m getting slammed by spam advertising URLs at from Ethix Marketing LLC 711 S. Carson Street Suite 4 Carson City, Nevada 89701 The kicker? They’re violating CAN SPAM while they’re doing it. Seriously, sending mail out through open relays and proxies with forged From: addresses is a violation of CAN SPAM. And they’re spamming […]

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Skywriting to market email?

I’m so busy today getting caught up from the whirlwind of cousins this week. Yesterday, we took them to SF to do some touristy stuff. While sitting outside having some food and a drink, we noticed a ton of people staring up into the sky. Livingsocial had hired some (very talented pilots) to do dot […]


The perfect email

Email is a fluid and ever changing landscape of things to do and not do. Over the years my clients have frequently asked me to look at their technical setup and make sure that how they send mail complies with best practices. Previously, this was a good way to improve delivery. Spamware was pretty sloppy […]


Still futile

As I mentioned last Thursday, both Yahoo and Microsoft filed oppositions to Holomaxx’s opposition to dismissal. Let me ‘splain… no, there is too much, let me sum up. Holomaxx sued both Microsoft and Yahoo to force MS and Yahoo to stop blocking mail from Holomaxx. The judge dismissed the initial complaint with leave to amend. […]

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Whatcounts acquires Blue Sky Factory

As has been announced across the email industry, Whatcounts has acquired Blue Sky Factory.

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New FBLs

There are two new FBLs in production. Synacor and I’ll be updating the Wiki and FBL page today.

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Gathering data from PACER

I had someone ask on Facebook about getting some documents off of Pacer. I thought the information may be of use to other people out there. PACER (public access to court electronic records) provides access to public documents filed in the Federal court system. Each court has their own website, but there is one login […]


Who leaked my address, and when?

Providing tagged email addresses to vendors is fascinating, and at the same time disturbing. It lets me track what a particular email address is used for, but also to see where and when they’ve leaked to spammers. I’d really like to know who leaked an email address, and when. All my inbound mail is sorted […]

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