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I’m so busy today getting caught up from the whirlwind of cousins this week. Yesterday, we took them to SF to do some touristy stuff. While sitting outside having some food and a drink, we noticed a ton of people staring up into the sky.
Livingsocial had hired some (very talented pilots) to do dot matrix skywriting as advertising.
Skywriting for living social It was quite impressive, actually. Mostly because the pilots were so technically precise, but also because they were conveying useful information in short phrases.
Besides the “Livingsocial loves you” shown here, we also saw deals and even a URL at one point. There was enough breeze over the bay that messages didn’t hang around long (the blur going from top left to bottom right is writing from the pass about 5 minutes earlier). But it was eye catching and there were tons of people taking photos.
It would be interesting to hear how effective a campaign this is. Does Livingsocial see signups as a result of skywriting? Or is this just general brand awareness on their part?
As an aside, the cousins said they received emails from both Livingsocial and Groupon, but that Groupon just sent so much mail it was getting annoying.

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  • Skywriting becomes skyprinting. Were the pilots flying every pixel line or towing something that could puff smoke pixels across multiple rows at the same time?

  • There were 5 planes flying in a straight line. They would shoot smoke out as they flew across the sky to create the letters. It was some *seriously* impressive flying. I have to pull out the big camera (this is a shot I took with my iPhone) to see if you can actually see the planes. They were blue so very hard to see even by eye against the sky.

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