Appeals court rules in e360 v. Spamhaus


On August 30, 2007 I wrote my very first blog post: 7th Circuit court ruling in e360 v. Spamhaus. Today, 4 years later (almost to the day) that case may finally be over.

After a bench trial on the issue, the district court awarded e360 a mere $27,002, a far cry from the millions of dollars that e360 sought. Both parties have appealed. We conclude that the district court properly struck most of e360’s damages evidence, either as an appropriate discovery sanction or for proper procedural reasons, and we reject e360’s challenges to the judgment. We also agree with Spamhaus that the evidence failed to support the modest award of $27,000 in actual damages because e360 based its damage calculations on lost revenues rather than lost profits. We vacate and remand with instructions to enter judgment for e360 in the nominal amount of three dollars.  Judge Hamilton, opinion

Spamhaus posted the final judgement. The full opinion is also available.
HT: Mickey Chandler who posted a case summary and a bit more of the background on what is going on than I managed.

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