Email lost a mighty advocate

Last night J.D. Falk passed away from stomach cancer. For those of us who were privileged to know him, it was not unexpected but it is still a sad day.
CircleID has a memorial post up.
I’ve known of JD since I started in email in the late ’90s. I had the privilege of meeting him when we moved out to the bay area and he invited Steve and I to the “sushi cabal” – a biweekly get together. We then worked together at MAPS for a short time.
JD will be missed.
ETA: I’ll be adding links as I find them.
JD’s official memorial page:
Neil’s tribute:
MAAWG memorial page:
CAUCE memorial page:
The IETF expedites publishing of the RFC JD authored: Many thanks to the staff that made this happen. I am assured that JD was told of the publishing before he passed.
Return Path’s memorial.
Tami Forman’s post.


  1. J. D. Falk: 1974-2011 » MainSleaze says

    […] Laura Atkins: Email Lost a Mighty Advocate […]

  2. Michael A. Atkinson says

    This is a terrible loss.


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