What blogs are you reading besides mine?

It’s been a week. A very, very long week. Which means that at 4 on a Friday I’m grasping at straws for something interesting to write about. So I do what I do when I’m out of ideas, I look through the email related blogs I’m subscribed to.
A bunch of them are still active, but there’s a good dozen or so that haven’t been updated in months. I realize I’m getting most of my current news from Twitter (or, Facebook) not from my actual RSS feeds.
So what email / marketing / delivery / internet security related blogs are people reading these days? What should I add to my list to keep up to date on the pulse of the email industry?
EDIT: apparently the Akismet filter I use went berserk with the multiple links in comments. I think I’ve pulled everything they caught incorrectly. If you tried to post and it’s not showing, drop me an email at the obvious place.



  1. Catherine Jefferson says

    I assume you mean blogs about email. πŸ™‚ Most of my blog fodder for the MainSleaze blog isn’t something I find in other blogs, but I read these semi-regularly:
    Al Iverson: Spam Resource
    John Levine: Internet Email Policy & Practice
    Ken Magill: The Magill Report
    Matt Vernout: Email Karma
    Mickey Chandler: Spamtacular
    Spamhaus: News Blog
    SURBL: News Page
    Like you, I’d like to see a few of them updated more frequently. I’d also like to have 48 hour days, never get tired, and know that I’ll live another two hundred years. <wry grin>

  2. Ros Hodgekiss says

    Haha, blatant shout-out to my gang at Campaign Monitor – we’re still trying our darndest to stay on the pulse when it comes to email design and development πŸ˜€ –
    But in all seriousness, Litmus’ blog (, StyleCampaign (, Email on Acid ( and Email Marketing Reports ( are my top picks. And Word to the Wise. Of course πŸ˜€

  3. JR says

    Here goes my shot:
    Al Iverson’s Spam Resource
    AOL Postmaster Blog
    Bronto Blog
    Direct Marketing Blog
    DMA Email Marketing Council Blog
    Email Experience Council
    Email Responsibly Updates
    ESP Email Vendor Selection
    Get In The Inbox
    Getting Email Delivered
    Gmail Blog
    Inside Windows Live
    IT Email Infrastructure
    MailerMailer Blog | In The Box
    MediaPost | Email Insider
    Mickey Chandler’s Spamtacular
    No man is an iland
    Return Path Email Marketing Water Cooler
    SocketLabs Email Delivery Blog
    The Email Delivery Guru
    The ExactTarget Blog
    The Received Blog
    Yahoo! Mail Blog
    Sorry about the spam :))


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