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There have been ongoing reports this week from ESPs and ISPs that AOL is having problems accepting email. People are reporting difficulties connecting to AOL MTAs and random dropping of connections. Other people are reporting random rejection messages that make no sense. A number of folks are seeing rejections claiming that the reason is a new IP when that IP has successfully sent mail from that IP in the recent past.
AOL seems to be working on things, and some people are seeing improvements. If you’re seeing AOL problems recently, it’s not you. It’s them.
EDIT: AOL has asked senders to please reduce mail volume while they are resolving issues.

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  • I was disturbed to see mail for AOL and queueing up on my bulk mail servers this morning, with the exact message you describe (new or not recently used IPs with no “reputation”). It was sudden, and AOL’s postmaster site for checking your IP reputation still showed all my IPs as “green”.
    Before I had time to dig into it much futher, I noticed my queues had drained.

  • I’ve not heard anything positive or negative about the current status. My best advice is to increase volumes and see what happens.

  • All our IP’s are green reputation. We have 10 IP’s and have intermittent issues with all of them, seems to be getting worse today. One IP is not really getting any mail accepted. One IP is getting almost all accepted. The others were getting 98% in earlier, now I think may be 80% in with another IP may be at 50%. So, we are not seeing the situation improve. We work with Return Path, they say their clients also report issues, but no answers. Anyone else with updates?

  • I’ve seen an improvement since intitially reported, but still seeing a higher-than-normal number of “service unavailable” messages.

  • I have been having problems with AOL for three months and lately I am getting messages that the server is not working or connected. How long can it really take for a company of this magnitude to figure out what the problems are. I am questioning if AOL is trying to get people to pay for service ????? Nothing ads up !!!

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