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Congratulations go out to Matt Blumberg for being named one of the top entrepreneurs for 2012 by Crain’s New York Business!

AOL update

A reader has been talking with AOL about the mtain* responses that people were receiving. AOL has said both responses mentioning mtain-* are actually DNY:T1 bounces that are being presented incorrectly. Both responses should be treated the same as 421 DYN:T1.


The discussion of “permission” and “opt-in” is one that keeps popping up again and again. I am working on posting some more thoughts about permission and consent. While I’m still thinking about what new I can say, here is a list of articles Word to the Wise I’ve posted in the past on permission: Permission-ish based email marketing Customers want to get mail...

AOL … again

A number of senders are reporting that they’re getting unusual responses from AOL servers. The responses include: 421 Service unavailable – try again later 554 ESMTP not accepting connections mtain-dk* are assigned reserved IP addresses. It looks like something broke inside AOL again, and lots of places are having trouble...

Another reason not to use no-reply@

A story from someone handling support at a UK company that regularly sends out transactional email with no-reply@company in the From: line. [A] guy emailed in and started off the RMA process on a motherboard that was dead. A month later this guy rings up the store and starts yelling and cursing saying his motherboard has not arrived and that Nor Eply (the guy who he had apparently been...

The challenge of integrated marketing

There are dozens of ways for companies to interact with customers these days. Business Insider recently posted this infographic, only to realize that they’d left off Pintrest. With all of these ways to touch customers, it’s no surprise that many times front-line customer support have no idea what marketing is telling customers and potential customers. This can lead to confusion and...

Delivery reflects recipient desires

Ken has an article today about how Pro Flowers managed to get their mail out of the bulk folder at Gmail by asking their recipients for help. This year, ProFlowers apparently took into account Gmail’s use of sender reputation and user engagement in its spam filtering rules by using subject lines, such as: “Gmail Customer Notice: Open if you missed yesterday’s special discount!” and “Help Teach...

Return Path on Content Filtering

Return Path have an interesting post up about content filtering. I like the model of 3 different kinds of filters, in fact it’s one I’ve been using with clients for over 18 months. Spamfiltering isn’t really about one number or one filter result, it’s a complex interaction of lots of different heuristics designed to answer the question: do recipients want this kind of mail?

Relevant and timely marketing

What better time to advertise pizza specials than at 2:30 pm on a Friday afternoon? Either my local pizza joint is doing sophisticated tracking (hrmmm… these people often order pizza on the weekend, email on Friday) or I’m just smack dab in the middle of their average demographic. In either case, advertising pizza on a Friday afternoon strikes me as the epitome of timely, relevant...

Delivery and marketing part 2

A while ago I wrote some thoughts about the conflicting requirements of delivery and marketing. I posted something similar over on the Only Influencers list, too. My thoughts generated a very interesting discussion, one that helped me clarify some of my somewhat random thoughts from earlier. Marketing is about finding mindshare. One way you get mindshare is repetition. But people tune out...

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