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There’s a company that advertises a lot on TV. The ads are well done, they tell a clear story in the 30 seconds. They feature a pretty and happy young woman dancing around. There is a great catchy tune. From all appearances it’s a successful ad campaign.
The point of the ad campaign is to drive traffic to a website where the domain owner can collect a lot of information and sell it on to advertisers. Every month or so, the landing URL changes. In watching this campaign over the last year or two, I’ve seen at least half a dozen different URLs used in the television ads. Now, it’s perfectly possible that this is part of an overall strategy, but I am not sure. The initial website is highlighted so clearly in the catchy tune, I can’t believe it is part of their marketing strategy.
Which leads me to wonder if there is a bigger problem with their advertising. Do they change domains so frequently because they’re seeing domain based blocking?

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  • If you mean, the call to action domain in the commercial changes, that’s a common thing. It’s like using different 800 numbers (or extensions) so you track which commercials are getting the best response.
    Or so I’ve heard, since I don’t watch TV. 🙂

  • Yeah, that or they use different domains based on the channel they are advertising on. On the other hand, other advertisers will just use a different keyword or coupon code to identify which ad/channel the incoming viewer came from, which is an argument again for potential domain blocking.
    That and if we’re watching the same ad they are advertising for an industry that often has deliverability issues in my experience.

  • I have always assumed that the different domains were associated with a different affiliate marketer that has purchased or been authorized to use the underlying TV/radio ad but the use for tracking the different channel, etc. makes sense.

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