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I don’t have a published comment policy. Most people around here are polite enough I don’t think one is needed. There are a couple things I feel I should say, though.

  1. First posts are always moderated. This is moderation by email address so if you post using multiple addresses then your post will go into moderation.
  2. Anonymous posting is OK, I have no problem with folks who want or need to protect their identity on comments.
  3. Forging other people’s email addresses is not OK and if I notice you’re doing that, your posts will not be approved.
  4. Anonymously posting in order to harass or harangue is not OK. If you want to post anonymously, the post should add something to the conversation.
  5. I am the final arbiter of what is and is not adding to the conversation.

I’ve had so little comment abuse I haven’t seen the need to post a comment policy. But I am starting to see an uptick in the number of address forgeries and thought maybe it was time to say something.

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