DNS Changer servers going offline


There are a whole host of different botnets. One botnet run by Rove Digital infected computers with viruses that changed their DNS settings, giving the botnet runners the ability to control how the infected computers viewed the Internet.
The criminals behind the DNS Changer virus were arrested in November of last year. The court ordered the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to operate replacement DNS servers for computers infected with the botnet viruses in order to give users a chance to clean and fix their computers.
That court order expires on Monday.
Anyone who is still infected with the DNS Changer malware will see their internet services greatly curtailed when the DNS servers go offline.
If you run Windows and you haven’t yet checked to see if you’re infected, you should do so soon. There are a number of websites you can visit that will tell you if you are actually infected with the DNS changer virus and if you are will give you information on how to fix your system.

And, if your internet stops working on Monday you’ll have some path to resolution.

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