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There’s a new feedback loop at This is a DKIM based FBL (like Yahoo) and is designed primarily for ESPs. I am hearing there is an IP based FBL for ISPs in the works, but there isn’t a firm release date for that yet.
Senders and ESPs can signup for the new FBL at One caveat is that you must have a account in order to get access to the stats page and there isn’t currently an English webmail page. I tried but couldn’t get online translators to work on the signup page.

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  • The registration page is available in English. They just lose the “lang=en_US” parameter when you click around. So for the sign up URL, before the “page=” param on the URL bar, add “lang=en_US&” and reload the page. This seems to work on the login page as well.
    Alas, the settings page does not seem to honor this nor do many other logged-in pages 🙁

  • Seems chrome does a good job of either translating the statistics pages or making them show up in English somehow. Very usable.

  • Had our techies have a look at this yesterday and I quote “Sadly, they’ve decided to reinvent feedback loops, and taken a different approach.
    You’d have to set it up by logging in to postmaster site (Russian only!) and then getting a special record issued. You then have to create a CNAME DNS record with that key. You then have to wait for them to verify it. And you have to do it for every domain, by hand. No bulk method, no API.”

  • Thanks for sharing this Laura. This FBL seems to work a bit differently in that you need to verify domain ownership based on a DNS entry or an HTML file. Would you happen to know if one simply has to verify the domain itself or each host name (if they use sub-domains)? For example, could I just verify, or would I have to verify,, etc. ?

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