Targeting and Segmentation

MarketingSherpa has a great case study of a retailer that got a 208% higher conversion (purchase) rate for a targeted email sent to a small segment (10%) of their list.

“These types of campaigns appeal to a specific group, and it’s important that we maintain the integrity of our list. Marketing the wrong message to our group is going to increase our unsubscribe rate and [hurt] the response to our emails,” Kimura says.

This story tells us that is looking at the long term. They’ve discovered that cultivating their email subscribers and catering to their needs is as important as frequency or any other metric for sending email.

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  1. Neil Schwartzman says

    That’s funny. I just finished reading an article about a polar opposite to segmentation – companies that solicit demographic information, then don’t bother using it – thus irritating their customers.
    Canadians Who Give Companies Their Personal Information are Sorely Disappointed, Study Reveals


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