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It’s been 5 years since my first post here at Word to the Wise. 5 years and over 1150 posts.
In that time I’ve written about a lot of topics relevant to email delivery.
I’ve talked about permission and why it’s a relevant part of email delivery. I’ve discussed spamfilters and why understanding how they work improves the decisions senders make about email delivery. I’ve talked about blocklists and filters and how they are a part of the email landscape senders have to navigate. I’ve talked about reputation and engagement relevance.
I’ve also talked about the things that show up in my own mailbox. Like some of the spam I receive. I’ve even used that to point out what spammers do.
Steve‘s written quite a bit here, too. Often his articles are much more technical, like how he tracks down spammers.
We’ve written about legal cases, including e360 v. Spamhaus, which was the subject of my inaugural post. I also followed the case of Holomaxx v. Hotmail and Yahoo. And, of course, how different countries create and enforce anti-spam laws.
I have no idea how many words I’ve written in the last 5 years, but Steve swears to me it’s enough to write a book about email delivery. However many words I’ve typed into the ether, it really is the folks who participate here in conversation, who email me directly with questions and comments, who stop me at conferences and tell me how much they like reading the blog that keep me writing. I’ve enjoyed blogging way more than I thought I would, but I wouldn’t enjoy it half as much if readers didn’t enjoy it, too.
Thanks so much for reading here over the past 5 years. It’s been a lot of fun.

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  • A little SQL tells me that it’s a total of 1,411,451 words. That’s about 2.5 times as many as The Lord of the Rings, a little more than all six books of Night’s Dawn added together, and just a little less than the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series.
    You’d need to keep going for about another six years to match The Wheel of Time, though.

  • That’s a LOT of writing. I’m impressed less by the quantity than quality, though. You know your stuff, and have a gift for cutting through the verbiage and finding the point. 🙂

  • Thanks Laura (and Steve) Love your work. Always a great perspective!
    Director of Do It My Way Or Do It Somewhere Else.

  • Thanks, Chad! I’m not sure we’re always on the right side of the debate (and, well, given we often debate each other, I’m more than sure one of us *cough*notme*cough* is not always right.
    I’m sure Steve will have his own opinion on this one.

  • Thanks, Catherine. I blame my science training for some of my communication skills. But there are some scientists who’ve never used 6 words when they could use 60. Now, if I could just get rid of the passive voice.

  • Pmeh.
    Last week, Peter King said “Simple declarative sentences are good”, but another wise man also said “everything is always more complex than can be summarized in a single sentence.” I think the two of you are doing a hell of a job.

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