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A couple quotes from different folks, who aren’t actually in marketing, but have insightful comments on marketing.

Anyway, remember: outsource your marketing, outsource your reputation and ethics. Popehat

And 2 posts from a favorite author about self promotion by authors. Her first post is about having other authors excessively promote themselves.

There is a difference between promotion in our own spaces and promotion in the spaces of others. One is appropriate and necessary. The other is a very fine line, and stepping over it can result in lost readers and hurt sensibilities, and that’s never a good thing. Adventures in Self-Promotion.

The second is a list of 10 things authors should remember when promoting themselves. As the only woman to be nominated in 4 separate Hugo award categories, I think her thoughts on author promotion are well worth reading. So are her books (as Seanan, as Mira), by the way.

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