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This morning was the final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. In fact, it was the last flight of any shuttle ever, anywhere. We were lucky enough to get passes to NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field to watch the flyover.

The Shuttle appearing from behind Hangar One

Technology is so awesome. Sometimes we spend so much time sweating the details, we miss the bigger picture.
Godspeed, Endeavor.


  1. Kelson says

    Very nice! I was lucky enough to see it land at LAX this afternoon. Photos & commentary here.
    I like that you got the hangar in the shot. I used to live near a Marine base with two huge blimp hangars (MCAS Tustin, south of Los Angeles), and it’s astonishing how big they are up close. Is this a new one under construction, or an old one being rebuilt?

    1. laura says

      Fixed your link.
      Steve actually got that shot on his iPhone. I had the SLR out and only managed to get closeup shots
      What you’re seeing is Hangar One, built for the Navy lighter-than-air ships back when we had such a thing. The skin was full of PCBs and other nasties, so they’ve taken it off. I’m not sure what the plans are for it, though.
      I have more shots up on my flickr page

  2. Kelson says

    Thank you Murphy’s law: I managed to screw up the link in my previous comment. Feel free to fix or delete it as you prefer:

  3. Kelson says

    Interesting bit about the hangar skin.
    Checking out Flickr now…

  4. Andrew Edelstein says

    What’s even sadder to me is that they’re obviously dismantling Hanger One. As someone who grew up in Santa Clara, that is a very sad sight.


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