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DMARC Interoperability

Facebook hosted a DMARC interoperability event earlier this week. In terms of protocol development, interoperability events are a sign that the protocol is ready for more widespread use. DMARC is a layer built on email authentication (SPF and DKIM) that provides brands with the ability to control use of their domains in email.  

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Handling replies to bulk mail

This week’s Wednesday question comes from Ryan W. I’ve been noticing a few e-mail accounts who reply to our e-mail sends with spammy type replies such as, “hey this is intense…..(link)” what do you think should we be removing those e-mails from our mailing? There is no real clear answer to this question, but it’s […]

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Return Path partners with Symantec

Today Return Path announced a partnership with Symantec to improve their anti-phishing product. Return Path is incorporating the Symantec Trusted Domain List into their authentication and filtering product to help customers protect their brands. Press Release Phishing scams affect everyone, and having a brand that is used in phishing can reduce consumer trust in that […]

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