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While much of the attack against Spamhaus has been mitigated and their services and websites are currently up, the attack is still ongoing.  This is the biggest denial of service attack in history, with as much as 300 gigabits per second hitting Spamhaus servers and their upstream links.
This traffic is so massive, that it’s actually affecting the Internet and web surfers in some parts of the world are seeing network slowdown because of this.
While I know that some of you may be cheering at the idea that Spamhaus is “paying” for their actions, this does not put you on the side of the good. Spamhaus’ actions are legal. The actions of the attackers are clearly illegal. Not only is the attack itself illegal, but many of the sites hosted by the purported source of the attacks provide criminal services.
By cheering for and supporting the attackers, you are supporting criminals.
Anyone who thinks that an appropriate response to a Spamhaus listing is an attack on the very structure of the Internet is one of the bad guys.
You can help, though. This attack is due to open DNS resolvers which are reflecting and amplifying traffic from the attackers. Talk to your IT group. Make sure your resolvers aren’t open and if they are, get them closed. The Open Resolver Project published its list of open resolvers in an effort to shut them down.
Here are some resources for the technical folks.
Open Resolver Project
Closing your resolver by Team Cymru
BCP 38 from the IETF
Ratelimiting DNS
News Articles (some linked above, some coming out after I posted this)
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