NJABL blocklist closed for good

The NJABL blocklist has shut down for good. The zone files are empty and are expected to stay that way for a while.

Anyone using NJABL, either for yes/no delivery decisions or as part of a scoring system, should remove that blocklist from their setup.

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  1. Catherine Jefferson says

    IMHO people owe Jon Lewis (NJABL founder and maintainer for all these years) a huge thank-you. The NJABL lists weren’t widely-used in the end, but they were properly kept up, caught spam, and didn’t cause many FPs. Long ago I quit using most of the non-professionally maintained BLs because I’d found most of them too unreliable when I didn’t want to have to watch closely. I just removed the NJABL a couple of days ago after I heard that it was closing.

    Thanks for all those years of service, Jon!


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