SMS Spam is Down?


Cloudmark says, yes, SMS gift card spam is down, thanks to recent action taken by the Federal Trade Commission. Read more over on PC World. I’m very glad to see this. I ended up on the list of one of those spammers and they were driving me nuts. Thank goodness for Google Voice’s report spam functionality.
What can you do to stop SMS spam? If you use Google Voice, and the SMS messages are coming to your Google Voice number, just report it as spam inside of the GV interface. If it’s coming directly to your cell number, not via GV, then you can forward the message to 7726 (SPAM). It’s a clunky, multi-step process, however. And does it actually result in anything happening? Hard to say. I don’t yet have any proof that SMS spam reports to a provider are quick to result in blocking, as is the case with email spam. I suspect it still can’t hurt to report SMS spam, though. The more reports, the more likely a provider will be driven to take action.

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