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It used to be when I’d send in a complaint to an ESP, I’d want them to take it seriously. To actually fix their customer problems. To stop their customers from spamming. To fix the broken process that resulted in their customer thinking I asked for email.
These days? These days I just want the ESP to suppress my address and make the mail stop. Even better would be suppressing the address from their entire customer base – the only addresses I send in complaints for these days are traps.
Sadly, there are ESPs out there that can’t manage to stop customers from spamming people who have reported the spam. But, I am forever the optimist and keep sending the complaints when I think someone will care.

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  • A few ESPs like Sendgrid still seem to have some concern about customer quality, but for the most part I agree, the only quality they care about is whether the customer’s check clears.

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